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Are you the next DriverX?

Seeking a Career in Motor Sports?

The International DriverX Elite Academy applies the science of racing to the first and only comprehensive high performance driver development school. Our technicial certification program prepares the student not only as a professional athlete but as a role model both on and off the track with sustained career opportunities in professional motor sports; the entertainment industry, corporate and executive protection, automotive research, high performance driving, student instruction and more.

Life Skills On and Off the Track

Our assessment and evaluation process is customized to deliver one-on-one instruction designed to reach individual goals and address strengths and weaknesses. Navigate through the ranks of racing in safe and controlled environments, high performance driver education sessions and open competition events. Get behind the wheel of a variety of high performance vehicles such as formula drift, open wheel, rally, stock and road race cars. Gain familiarity with motor sports organizations such as F-1, Formula Drift, Grand Am, NASCAR, ASA, NASA, NARRA and SCCA World Challenge.

Virtual Reality Immersive Racing Experience

Log some hours behind the wheel of a commercial grade racing rig and go head-to-head against the competition with the best online racing simulation and services in the world. Officially licensed cars that are engineered from the ground up in cooperation with real world race teams on the world’s greatest race tracks. Advanced Simulation Training Courses, Private SimRoom Membership Club, Events and Racing Leagues.

DriverX Academy Mission

The DriverX Academy is committed to matriculating students who are pliant and adaptable, equipped with the knowledge, skills and disposition to become personally fulfilled, interdependent, socially responsible professional athletes in motor sports.

Do You Have What it Takes to be a Professional Race Car Driver?

All Skill Levels Novice-to-Expert:

  • Assessment, Evaluation & Goal Setting
  • One-on-One Certified Instruction
  • Advanced Simulation Practicum
  • On-Track Practical Experience
  • Resident Based On-Campus Curriculum
  • Internship and Residency Programs

Applied Science of Racing:

  • Automotive Technology
  • Auto Safety and Vehicle Dynamics
  • Advertising and Marketing in Motor Sports
  • Race Communications and Engineering
  • Corporate Sponsorship Essentials
  • Fire Safety and Hazardous Materials
  • Fundamentals of Race Craft
  • Physiology & Psychology of Racing
  • Public Relations, Television and Media
  • Physical Activity Nutrition and Wellness

Professional High Performance Driving Curriculum:

  • RR101 - Beginner Course
  • RR201 - Intermediate Course
  • RR301 - Advanced Course
  • RR401 - Competition Course
  • RR501 - Expert Course
  • RR601 - SCCA World Challenge
  • RR701 - Road Race Internship
  • RR801 - Road Race Residency
  • RR901 - Race Craft Practicum

Advanced Simulation Training:

  • AST101 - Beginner Driver Education
  • AST201 - Novice Simulation Training
  • AST301 - Intermediate Simulation
  • AST401 - Expert Simulation Training
  • AST501 - Advanced Practicum
  • AST601 - Resident Simulation Training
  • AST701 - Internship
  • AST801 - Residency
  • AST901 - Race Craft Practicum
  • ASTASD- Autism Spectrum Disorders